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33 Florists Where You Can Buy Preserved Flowers That Will Last Forever

Don’t fancy real flowers because they will die within days? Well, preserved flower bouquets might just be the one for you. They are value for money and will last for a long time, just like your love.

While its catalogue may be limited to just a few variants of both fresh and preserved blooms, Ofpomsandlentils has some of the most glorious floral domes, some resembling domes you see in Gardens by the Bay. Planet Earth best exemplifies its design approach, with a rustic meld of preserved roses and moss to replicate Earth’s flourishing verdant.

Love the radiance of the sun beaming through the fields? Its preserved sunflower set best emulates this scene, with a glorious sunflower rooted in luscious greens.

Address: The Raintree, 81 Bukit Drive 587850

BY SEAN YEE  /   JULY 15, 2022
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