Kim Kardashian’s New Fragrances Double as Bud Vases plus Jeff Leatham's take on Floral Arrangements.

As with much of her life, Kim Kardashian’s love of flowers is well documented. And for her latest KKW Fragrance launch, the makeup mogul collaborated with the man who has been making floral dreams come true for the entire Kardashian-Jenner family for years: Jeff Leatham. “She texted me out of the blue early in the morning and said, ‘Have you ever done a fragrance before? Would you like to do one with me? I would love to capture what we create together in a bottle,’” he tells AD.

Leatham was actually in the midst of working on his own fragrance (which will be released this fall), but the answer was a definite yes. Together they created three unisex scents, which will be available today on the KKW Fragrance website. “We really wanted to create different moods,” says Leatham. There’s Desert Rose, inspired by Kardashian’s favorite dusty pink Quicksand roses; Jasmine Air, which Leatham describes as a fresh, green smell that “really wakes you up”; and Night Iris, which incorporates wild berries, patchouli, and tobacco leaves. “They all go well together. I have been mixing them the last couple of months—I will wear Desert Rose with Jasmine Air,” says Leatham.

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And if all of this has inspired you to fill your home with flowers à la the Kardashian-Jenners, Leatham was kind enough to offer some of his insider tips below. 

Architectural Digest: What are some of your basic rules when it comes to making a floral arrangement?

Jeff Leatham: I call them the Leatham Three. One: Always choose three monochromatic colors that go well together. Two: Never put more than three different varieties of flowers in a vase. Three: Keep everything clean, simple, and chic.

What flowers do you recommend if people want to make their house smell good?

Obviously there’s the go-to, which is red roses. Fresh jasmine. Tuberose is an amazing flower. A lot of people don’t particularly like tuberose, but when it blooms, it is amazing. I always keep tuberose in my kitchen because the smell is so intense and beautiful. Garden roses. Gardenia is great, but it is more of a garden flower that doesn’t really last. I’d say sweet peas, but the season is over.

What are a few flowers that are really great for this time of year?

Peony season started on Tuesday! Everyone loves a peony. They are just so gorgeous and big and they last. Peony season is between now and the end of July. I also love hydrangeas.